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The Community is DEAD... - People and their Lives

qu15stdygrlMar. 8th, 2006 07:25 pm The Community is DEAD...

I remember about one year ago a group of friends decided to make a community so that no one would get left out...this all happened while sitting in history class....yeah how sad the ways lives part and how directions mislead everything...Yeah it was there now it's gone but perhaps itz just that we've all grown and drifted to be what we all were ment to be. Perhaps it was just some little ephisode in our lives back when the secrets were something as valuable and precious that we were all tight like the baby birds huddled in a nest. Myspaces invented LJs forgotten all because one started the rest followed...all while summer was as unpredictable just like the winds coming from the east. Too much drama and beliefs all in karma. Such things may have been true but Father Time already had our plans but we made the choices of the paths we were worth better choosing. And nothing happened only some got closer while others drifted...it was all chaos and know although it may be hard to admit isn't it funny that our minds seem to depend on little camaras in our heads just to replay what we've all experienced? The one thing happens and it all gets teared to shred. Perhaps it was for the best maybe it was a good-bye...OR maybe the person writing this felt like they were gonna die? Maybe who knows but only time will tell...they say Love is watching someone die...if this is true than maybe just maybe instead of frustrating yourself or others you should think about life like something you've never thought of before. Yeah maybe itz all GONE?

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